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A trademark is any unique expression related to a product or service that distinguishes it from others. A trademark can be a visual symbol, which may be a word, a name, a device, label or numerals used by a business to distinguish it from other goods of different business.

Benefits Trademark Registration
  • Legal Protection
  • Unique Identity
  • Creation of Asset
  • Trust or Goodwill
  • Popularise your brand
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  • 2000+


  • 80+



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Steps In Trademark Application

Trademark search

RPRS check trademark availibity or check brand name availability on the behalf of their customers to make sure that their desired name or design has not already been taken or isn’t too similar to an already existing trademark.

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Create trademark application

Once we ensure that your chosen name or design is available & exclusive, we send you an authorisation letter which has to be duly signed by you and returned to us.

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Trademark application submission

Once we receive the authorisation letter & provided that no information is incorrect or partial, our lawyers will file the trademark on your behalf, and you can immediately start using the ™ symbol.

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Trademark registration

Once a trademark application is complete, your application will be verified by the trademarks office. The government can also raise an objection on if your name similar to some other trademark.

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pre Hearing before Registrar

If the objection has been filed on your trademark and the opposition doesn’t agree with your response, then hearing is held before the registrar.

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24/7 supports

RPRS Team is is always ready to support their valueble clients

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How To Get Treadmark

Step 1

You need to fill our simple online trademark application form & submit documents

Step 2

We run your search and prepare your application for your review

Step 3

Your application is filed with the USPTO

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